Saturday 2 October 2021

Does Mufid(rh) reject Ilm Al-Ghayb?

Question: One individual who possesses  extreme views claimed that Shaykh Al Mufid(rh) was a Muqassir and denier of virtues of Ahlul Bayt(as). As a proof he gave a quote from his book Al-Awail Al-Maqalat:,,As for saying that the Imams know the unseen, so it is an extremely evil and corrupt belief.” Whats the actual context behind this statement?

Answer: The extremist has lied!

Shaykh Al Mufid(Rh) writes:

Thoughts about the knowledge of the imams (peace be upon him) of inner thoughts of humans and other creatures, and calling them with knowledge of the unseen, and that they those as attributes. 

I say: The imams from the progeny of Muhammad (saw) knew the inner thoughts of some slaves (of Allah) and knew what would happen before it came into being

These attributes are not a condition for their imamate, however, God Almighty honored them with it and taught them to as a form of (lutf) reward for their obedience and adherence to their status of imam. These attributes are not necessary from the view point of logic, but obligatory to believe because of narrations.

, As for saying that the Imams know unseen, so it is an extremely evil and corrupt belief because the description of that is only deserved by the one who knows things by Himself, not with learned knowledge, and this is only God- the Almighty - and following my belief a group of Imamites (Shia) except for those who deviate from them from the Mufawidda and Ghulat.

πŸ“šAl-Awail Al Maqalat P67


Friday 1 October 2021

Superiority of Imams(as) over Ulil Azm

Ni’matullah al-Jaza’iri (rh) writes:

Know that there is no disagreement among our companions(rh) , about the superiority of the Prophet Muhammad(saw) over other prophets(as) because of Mutawatir narrations, the disagreement is only about the superiority of the chief of believers and the pure Imams(as) over other prophets except their grandfather Muhammad (saw). A group said they are better than all other prophets except Ulil-Azm as they are better than the Imams (as), another group said they were equal, and the majority of our late scholars agreed on the superiority of the Imams (as) over Ulil-`Azm and this is the correct opinion. 

πŸ“šAl-Anwar al-Nu’maniyyah V1,P32

Shaykh Hurr Al Amili(rh) writes:

Chapter ,,The Prophet and the twelve Imams (as) are better than all other creations from prophets and past successors and angels, and that the prophets are better than the angels.”

From Abu Abdallah (as) who has said the following. When mentioning the Messenger of Allah (saw) he said: Amir al-muminin Ali (as) has said:Allah has not created any creature better than Muhammad (saw).

From Abdullah Bin Waleed Al Samman who said: Abu Jafar (as) said to me: Oh Abdullah! What the Shias say regarding Ali and Musa and Isa ? He (the narrator) said: May I be sacrificed for You! And from which of the situations are you asking me? He said: I am asking you about the knowledge. As for the merit, so they as are equal’. I said: May I be sacrificed for you ! So, what should I be saying regarding Them ?’ He  said: ‘By Allah ! He is more knowledgeable than Them.

Then he said: ‘O Abdullah! Aren’t they saying that from the knowledge, for Ali  is what is for the Rasul ?’ I said: Yes. He said: Then dispute with them regarding it. He said : ‘Allah(swt) Said to Musa(as) : And We Prescribed to him in the Tablets, Advice from all things [7:145], so we know that all of the matters were not explained to Him . And Allah(swt)  Said to Muhammad(saw) : and We shall Come with you as a witness upon these (witnesses). And We Revealed the Book unto you as a clarification of all things, [16:89].

Imam Jafar(as) said: Allah(swt) Created the Determined ones from the RasoolAllah(saw) , and merited them with the knowledge, and we inherited their knowledge, and we are merited upon them as regarding their knowledge, and knowledge of RasulAllah(saw) , and what they did not know, and we know knowledge of the Rasool and their knowledge(as well).

πŸ“šAl-Fusool V1,P403-406

Shaykh As-Saffar(rh) writes: 

Regarding The Imams(as) being superior than Musa and Isa(as)

Abu Jafar(as) said : Musa (as) asked a question to the scholar (Al-Khizras), there did not happen to be an answer with Him , and the scholar asked Musa(as) a question, there is not happen to be an answer with Him , and if I  had been between the two, I would have informed each one of them with an answer to the questions, and would have I asked both of them a question, there would not have been with them any answer.

Imam Jafar(as) said: By the Lord of this House and by the Lord of this Kabah! – three times. If I was between Musa and Al-Khizr , I would have informed them both that I am more knowledgeable than they are, due to what wasn’t in their hands.

πŸ“šBasair Ad-Darajat V1,P446-448


Wednesday 1 September 2021

Is Kamil Az-Ziyarat reliable?

Sahib Kamil Az-Ziyarat writes:

We acknowledge that we cannot encompass everything which has been narrated from them about this topic (ziyarah) or about any other topic (for that matter).  Furthermore, I have only narrated that which was reported to me by the trustworthy ones from among our companions – may Allah’s Mercy be upon them – and I did not include anything which has been reported by unknown or unreliable sources who are not well-known for their knowledge and narrations.

πŸ“šKamil Az-Ziyarat P19-20

Sahib Al-Wasail writes:

“And also Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Qulawayh has testified that the narrators of Kamil al-Ziyarat are reliable and trustworthy. His explicit statement in the beginning of Kamil al-Ziyarat is more expressive and frank than Ali bin Ibrahim’s (about authenticity of his book.”

πŸ“šWasail-us-Shia V30,P202


Al Khoei declares cursing and insulting of Omaris as Wajib

Al Khoei writes:

What is meant by “believer” here is the one who believes in Allah and his messenger and the last day and the twelve Imams (as), starting with `Ali bin abi Talib (as) and ending with al-Qa’em al-Hujjah, the awaited one may Allah hasten his appearance and make us among his supporters, and he who denies one of them then it is allowed to backbite him for several reasons: 1- It has been proven in the narrations and Ziyarat and supplications that it is permissible to curse the ones who oppose us, and that it is obligatory to disown them, and increase their insults, and accuse them, and slander them, meaning to backbite them because they are from the people of innovation and doubt. There is no doubt about their Kufr, because denying al-Wilayah and the Imams (as) even if just one, and to believe in the Khilafah of others, and to believe in myths such as al-Jabr and other beliefs necessities Kufr and Zandaqah, as mentioned in the Mutawatir narrations that clearly demonstrate the Kufr of the rejector of al-Wilayah, and the Kufr of the one who believes in the mentioned beliefs and similar other misguided beliefs.

πŸ“šMisbahul Fuqaha V1 P503-504


Teacher of Taqi Majlisi(rh) does an open takfir on Aisha

Shaikh Muhammad Tahir Al Qumi ash-Shirazi(rh) writes:

What has been reported on the shortcomings of the enemies of Ahlulbayt (as) that evidences upon the Imamah of our twelve Imams (as) is that Aisha is a kafirah deserving of hellfire. It is a necessity of the reality of our religion and the reality of our twelve Imams (as), because all those who profess by the caliphate of the three (Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman) believes that she was a believer and honors and respects her, while all those who profess by Imamate of the twelve Imams (a.s) profess by her being deserving of la’nah and Allah (swt)’s punishment. So when her being like that is established, the point is proven, because no one claims a separation (of Aisha from the issue).

As for the evidence of her being deserving of la’nah and Allah (swt)’s punishment, so indeed she waged war against Imam Ali (as) and there are mutawatir ahadith from the Prophet (saw) said “one who wars against you (i.e. Imam Ali) wars against me.”, and there is no doubt warring against the Prophet (saw) is kufr.

πŸ“šAl-Arbaain fi Imamati Al-Aimmati At-tahirina P615-616


Sunday 1 August 2021

Marja doesnt need to love Ahlul Bayt(as) says Al Khoei

 Al Khoei writes: 

It isn’t necessary for the one who’s followed in religious rulings to have much love for Ahlul Bayt(as).

πŸ“šSharh fi Urwatul Wuthqa V1,P182

Sunday 4 July 2021

All of Earth belongs to The Imams(as)

From ‘Umar ibn Yazid who has said the following. “I saw Masma‘ in Madina. In that year he had tried to deliver a certain amount of property to abu ‘Abdallah (a.s) that he returned to him. I asked him about the reason for the return. The narrator has said that he said to me, “When I took the property to him I said, ‘ I had become in charge of the pearls in Bahrayn and I have made four hundred thousand Dirham profit. I have brought eighty thousand Dinar as your share. I did not like to keep your share and disregard what Allah(swt) has decreed to be for you in our properties.” Is there no more from earth and what Allah takes out of it besides one fifth for us, O abu Sayyar?” The whole earth belongs to us. Whatever Allah causes to come out therefrom it belongs to us.” I then said, “I will bring all the property to you.” He said, “O abu Sayyar, we have made it a gift for you and made it lawful for you. Take your property with you. Whatever land is in the hands of our Shi‘a it is lawful for them until Al-Qa’im will rise with Divine Authority. He will make an agreement with them about whatever land is in their hands and will give them permission to use. Whatever land is in the hands of others their earning from it is not lawful until Al-Qa’im will rise with Divine Authority. He will take such lands away from them and will humiliate them 

‘Umar ibn Yazid has said, “Abu Sayyar said to me, ‘ I do not find anyone doing business or those in charge of certain tasks who would earn their living lawfully except my self and those for whom they have made it lawful.”

From abu Basir who has said the following. “Once I asked abu ‘Abdallah (as), ‘Is there any Zakat on Imam?’” He said, “O abu Muhammad, you have spoken an impossible word. Do you not know that both this and the next world belong to the Imam? He can place them as he may want or give them to whoever he may want. It is permissible for him from Allah. The Imam said, O abu Muhammad, the Imam never spends a night without Allah‘s right on him for which He would not ask him.”

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from ‘Abdallah ibn Ahmad from Ali ibn al-Ni‘man from Salih ibn Hamza from Aban ibn Mus‘ab from Yunus ibn Zabyan or al-Mu‘alla ibn al-Khnith who has said the following. “I asked abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.), ‘What is for you from this earth?” He smiled and then said, “Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, sent Jibril and commanded him to dig with his toe eight rivers on earth. Of these are the River Sayhan and Jayhan which is the River in Balkh (central Asia) the River al-Khshu‘ which is the River al-Shash, river Mihran which is India, River Nile in Egypt, Tigris and Euphrates. All that these rivers provide water or all that take water from them belong to us and whatever is for us is for our Shi‘a. There is nothing for our enemies except what they have usurped. Our friends and supporters in an place bigger than this and this, the sky and earth. The Imam (a.s.) then recited the words of Allah. “They are made for the believers in this world (but others have usurped it from them) and are exclusively for them in the life hereafter (no one would usurp from them).” (7:32)

πŸ“šAl Kafi Shareef V1,P206


Does Mufid(rh) reject Ilm Al-Ghayb?

Question: One individual who possesses  extreme views claimed that Shaykh Al Mufid(rh) was a Muqassir and denier of virtues of Ahlul Bayt(a...